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We are proud of our RE/MAX associates, who continue to rank #1 in the areas that matter most. Here are just a few:

·         # 1 in market share

·         # 1 in agent productivity

·         # 1 in brand name awareness

·         # 1 in advertising       

·         # 1 in lead generation

·         # 1 in professional education

·         # 1 in the minds of buyers and sellers

·         # 1 in global presence

·         # 1 in consumer visits to


Have you ever thought you would like to.......

 "Be in Business for Yourself, but Not by Yourself?"


RE/MAX Horizons has endless opportunities for you with lots of support behind you. Let me tell you a little bit about the RE/MAX Organization & why you want to be apart of our team....


First, RE/MAX means “Real Estate Maximums”. The RE/MAX concept offers agents the highest possible compensation in exchange for their fair share of the business overhead expenses.


RE/MAX stands for: Maximum commission

                                          Maximum image

                                          Maximum support services

                                          Maximum value for the public

                                          Maximum professional conduct

                                          Maximum service rendered by the associate


Second, RE/MAX Horizons agents enjoy all the advantages of being in business for themselves and none of the disadvantages. We promote education through the RE/MAX University available at, on RSN (RE/MAX Satellite Network) as well as (In Office Coaching).RE/MAX promotes high standards of professionalism and the standard Code of Ethics expected of real estate agents.


Finally, RE/MAX Horizons agents have several commission options available to them at such as: 100%, RAPP (RE/MAX Alternative Payment Plan), or Co/Associate. For a detailed explanation of the different opportunities available, please contact us. Regardless of the payment plan, you will enjoy a pay raise when you join the RE/MAX Horizons team of professionals.


Take a look at and see what others are experiencing.  RE/MAX.COM receives over 2 million prefered hits per month.


Also, Take a moment and see how much more money you would keep for yourself if you Joined our team at RE/MAX Horizons Realty. Click below for an income comparison.

Commission Calculator


You have nothing to lose by talking to me, going to RE/, & by comparing your take home commission on our calculator. We have a wonderful team at RE/MAX Horizons most of our associates have been with us 10+ years & it is my pleasure to be their broker. My contact information is below. I look forward to discussing your future with us.



Dolly Flowers


Office: 850.476.6000 ext.3112

Cell: 850.450.3525




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